My Philosophy

I am passionate about babies and toddlers developing fantastic sleep patterns that will promote and nurture healthy growth and take them through their childhood and beyond. 


I understand the effects sleep deprivation can have on both the child's and the parents' emotional wellbeing and how this impacts everyday life. I also have an understanding of nutrition and the effects foods can have on sleep along with the science behind sleep. By working with the body's natural biological rhythms we can ensure a child's emotional needs are being met while they are learning how to develop independent sleep skills.

I offer individual and supportive gentle sleep solutions for children up to 5 years old to suit any parenting style and would love to support you and your child achieve sleep harmony. 

A Little About Me


I am a wife and mum to 3 wonderful children and through the journey of raising little people, I discovered my passion for healthy sleep in infancy.  But I also discovered my passion in supporting mums and families through the bumpy road of raising children.  Having experienced my own sleep issues with my children, I know all too well how hard and defeating it can be and how much varying advice there is as to how to fix it.


Helping a child learn how to achieve independent sleep is not an easy task and can be very emotionally challenging and draining.  I understand this and would love to be by your side supporting, encouraging and cheering you on whilst you go through this process. 

I would love to hear about what is going on for you.