Calm & Confident

Newborn Sleep Program

Your newborn getting adequate sleep is fundamental for their growth (and your sanity!) but that doesn't mean it happens naturally. Lack of sleep can lead to a world of confusion, overwhelm and stress. But it doesn't have to be like that. 


Through years of working with hundreds of families, I have come up with this Calm & Confident Newborn Sleep Program.  Gain the knowledge, reassurance and strategies to assist your newborn in adjusting to life outside of the womb.


You will learn:

      - what can be expected with development in the first 12 weeks;

      - optimal breastfeeding and formula feeding during the day and overnight; 

      - the best way to prepare the sleep environment;

      - the type of bed options for your newborn;

      - sleep associations;

      - sleep and awake times by weeks;

      - a nap schedule guideline;  

      - troubleshooting information for when sleep is not occurring;

      - what can be expected for overnight sleep;

      - gentle strategies you can use to assist your newborn to achieve sleep;

      - bonding with your baby;

      - reflux, wind and colic and so much more

You will also get access to our online community where you will get support and advice from a sleep consultant and connect with other families. 


Your program will be emailed to you upon purchase.

$59 AUD

Option is available to upgrade for further support within the first 12 weeks.












"This has helped me so much with my daughter.  I felt like I was doing everything wrong because she has been crying so much since being born.  This has really helped me understand what is going on and what I can do to stop her crying so much and make her feel happier.  I honestly thought that babies just sleep when they are tired so I was waiting for her to tell me but now I know how to look for her tired signs and help her get to sleep before she becomes the crying mess she has been for the last 5 weeks. "   - Renee

"This is such great information to help me feel prepared and ready for the first weeks after my baby is born.  It has helped me really believe there is no such thing as spoiling him or creating bad habits.  I'm going out today to shop for a baby carrier!" - Lisa

"After having Post Natal Depression with my first, I was really scared about having another baby.  I have loved all of the information included in this program and it has really helped me feel more relaxed and confident.  Thank you." - Melissa

"Wow - this is awesome value for money.  He definitely fits the fourth trimester stage and just needs to be held all of the time.  Knowing how to help him not feel alone without being stuck on the couch all of the time has been amazing." - Grace

There is no need for you to stay stressed and overwhelmed. 

There is a way you can feel reassured, confident and supported. 

The Calm & Confident Newborn Sleep Program.

$59 AUD

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