Pre-Natal/Newborn Phone Consultation

(available up to 12 weeks of age)


45-60 minute phone consultation, Calm & Confident Newborn Sleep Program with essential information regarding sleep, feeding, environment, settling strategies and the use of sleep associations and 1 Support call to use up until your little one is 12 weeks of age

 - $140 weekday/daytime rate

This package is available anywhere in the world and can either occur during pregnancy in order to gain fundamental knowledge of newborn sleep or in the first 12 weeks to begin creating healthy sleep habits and to help resolve any issues you may be having.

I will call you to discuss in depth how to create a sleep environment to support sleep, milk feeding, settling your newborn and strategies if your newborn is not settling easily, sleep associations/props, dressing baby appropriately for sleep and any other sleep related concerns and questions you may have.  Following our discussion, you will be provided with the Calm & Confident Newborn Sleep Program and one 15 minute support call to use at your request in the first 12 weeks. 

Newborn sleep