Daylight Savings - how to help your baby adjust

Daylight savings will be upon us soon. As a baby sleep consultant, as the start and end of daylight savings is approaching, a big question I get is what is the best way to handle the change in times.

It really is a personal preference on how you like to approach things in general. Some people like to be completely prepared and take small steps towards achieving an outcome. Other people like to have the outcome occur first, see what the result looks like and then make changes and adjustments until they reach their outcome. And some people just like to deal with problems quickly knowing it could cause some short term pain but the desired outcome will follow very quickly thereafter.

In accordance with the different personality styles, I have listed the 3 different approaches below that can be taken to help your little one adjust to the time change daylight savings brings. Consider how you generally like to approach things and then decide the best approach for you.

This daylight savings means we move the clocks forward by 1 hour thereby losing an hour the first day. This is the easier change to make when it comes to daylight savings and is great if you have a little one that is early morning waking!

First option - if you would like to prepare for it, you would move your routine times forward by 15 minutes every second day for the week leading up to the change in clocks so you will then be on the correct time when the clocks change. Second option - if you would like to wait until the clocks have changed, you would then move your routine times back by 15 minutes every second day until you are on the right time. Third option - if you like to just get things done you can wait for the time change and then adjust the routine times immediately just like ripping off a bandaid.

Once you have changed your little one to the new time, remain consistent with your schedule and your days should get back on track fairly easily.

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