The Road To Finding Sleep Harmony Begins Now

Personalised support and assistance delivered to you by a Melbourne sleep consultant

Sleep is such a vital element to our everyday life not to mention the healthy growth of our children however is something that is taken for granted or not always easily achieved. Having your own personal consultant to walk you through the process will ensure your efforts will result in great sleep.

If you are located within Melbourne, an in-home consultation may be just what you are after.  This allows for a more hands on approach allowing me to get a clear understanding of the temperament of your child and also observe the sleep environment, wind down routines and feeding issues where applicable.  We can then get started on learning a new technique to settle your child to sleep with me being able to teach and support you during the process.


A consultation via phone is also an option if you do not require a more hands on approach and feel a detailed phone discussion will help you find your feet for the next steps forward.  I can also come to you for a group chat with friends, mothers groups or organisations if you are located within Melbourne .  

All consultations including in-home visits within Melbourne, come with a personalised sleep plan that is individualised to suit your parenting style along with the temperament of your child.  This will give you the information you need to get your child sleeping well now and into the future. Getting this plan is only part of the process.  The most important part is the consistency and ensuring it is the right choice for you and your child.  Follow up support is provided to help you implement your plan, provide emotional support and to ensure all is moving along in the right direction or to discuss your options if it is not working well.

Feeling supported while navigating improvements to your child's sleep is an important element therefore having a personal sleep consultant to lean on during the tough times helps to ensure this a process deemed to succeed. 

Sleep School

Looking for a Baby Sleep Consultant in Melbourne that will not only understand your needs but support them?

Having worked with hundreds of families all across Melbourne, Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant will ensure not only do you receive understanding and support, but you will also have a personalised plan that suits you, as the parents.  Their is no one way fits all approach for babies or their parents, so you can be assured that Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant will treat you as the individual family that you are.  

Where other Melbourne Sleep Consultants may offer you advice based on what has worked with other families, Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant will provide you with advice that will work for your family.

Home Consultations within Melbourne

Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant can come to your house for an in-home sleep consultation if you are located within Melbourne.  With options of a day visit, bedtime visit or a half-night or full overnight visit, Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant can provide you with hands on assistance in teaching you how to settle your child for sleep and to assist with any resettling that may be required during the visit.  This service also includes a fully written and personalised sleep plan along with follow up support to ensure we are achieving the goals you have set out to achieve.

If it is a Melbourne based Sleep Consultant that you are after, book in for a free 15 minute consultation and we can discuss the sleep issues you are facing and how I can help.