The Service

Phone consultations require full payment before consultation takes place.  A 50% booking fee is required to secure a home consultation appointment with the remainder due prior to or upon arrival.  If you need to reschedule your consultation, please contact your consultant as soon as possible (during business hours).  All cancellations made less than 48 hours will incur a 50% booking fee.  Prior to 48 hours will be a 100% refund.  Any unpaid invoices may be referred to a collection agency and you are liable for any collection costs incurred due to unpaid invoices.


Safe Sleep

By proceeding with this intake form and consultation, you are acknowledging that you will follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations.

You understand the safety guidelines on Co-Sleeping and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to follow them.

Medical Concerns

If you have any medical concerns prior to beginning the sleep plan, you are responsible for letting me know and making contact with your child's GP before commencing.  You will not be provided with medical advice in any way however you may be referred to a medical professional. Your consultant may provide dietary advice however this is a guide only, and should not replace the advice given to you by an IBCLC lactation consultant, dietitian or nutritionist. 


Should your child become ill once we begin your support time, you are responsible for letting me know immediately. We will pause your sleep plan and support time at this point and resume once you contact me and let me know that your child has fully recovered.

The Assessment

You understand that your sleep assessment is meant for your baby and yourself only and should not be shared with a third party.

Any changes you make to your babies sleeping or eating arrangements are your decision and Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant only make suggestions for change, of which you are responsible for choosing to implement.

Your Commitment

By proceeding with this Consultation you understand the level of commitment required to see this through will be between 1-3 weeks.  It is important to understand that for the first week the recommendation is to be at home as much as possible to give your child the best opportunity to learn what it is you expect.  You understand sleep training requires consistency and persistence to see optimal results and you need to follow the sleep plan guidelines along with the chosen sleep training technique as closely as possible.  During the course of sleep training, the sleep will often get worse before it gets better however this is the natural process and requires dedication and perseverance through this cycle.

Your Information

Information of your child’s case may be used by Silent Night Baby Sleep Consultant for marketing purposes with no identifying information used for this purpose.  Please advise prior to consultation taking place if you have any concerns with this.

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