" I write this review as I've just put my 4 month old down for a nap and I listened to her settle herself to sleep within 2 minutes of cutey baby chatter! This is worlds apart to how my life was before I met Nicole. Not only did Nicole give me the guidance strategies and confidence to help me tackle our day time nap refusals but she also picked up when there was a underlying medical conditions preventing my daughters ability to sleep. When most people including myself just assumed she was a bad sleeper Nicole really took it upon herself to find answers for us when we had given up. I can't thank Nicole enough for the gift she has given our family , thank you for putting up my my many many questions and helping to pick me up when I fell down xox" 

-  Rhian & baby Lacey

"It's been wonderful working with Nicole on some strategies to get my little one to sleep longer than 45 minutes in a day! Nicole composed a comprehensive analysis of our daughters health, habits and needs and created a personalised plan to combat the short sleeps. Nicole was more than happy to tweak her plan as needed and worked towards the perfect plan for us. Nicole, your time an effort is much appreciated and I love having time back in my day while the little one has great naps!" 

-  Rebecca & baby Indianna

"In Just five days Nicole's help transformed my Son's sleep habits. With consistency, and Nicole's wonderful guidance, he is a much happier little boy and now goes off to sleep without any help from me, as well as sleeping very well for all his naps. I highly recommend Nicole's services. Thank you so much." 

-  Ruth & baby Conor

"We have had a lot of trouble with achieving any sort of quality sleep with our son and after 7 months of getting no more than 3 hours of sleep a night, I had had enough.  We also have had a lot of trouble getting our son to gain weight and neither the Paediatrician or MCHN could offer any solutions.  Nicole suspected our son had oral ties within 5 minutes of meeting us and gave us advice on where we could go to get an official diagnosis.  This did lead to an official diagnosis of oral ties giving a major explanation as to weight gain issues along with sleep difficulties.  Using gentle sleep training methods as per our parenting style, we have now got our son consolidating his sleep through the night and settling with ease for all sleeps.  Thank you so much Nicole, you truly have changed our lives." 

-  Bethany & baby Lucas

"As an attachment parent, I was unsure if Nicole would be able to give me a plan that I was agreeable with.  Nicole was very thorough with discussing my parenting style and my son's temperament and put together a sleep plan that was extremely gentle allowing me to be with my son through the entire sleep training process and to not leave him crying on his own at all.  Nicole helped me to feel at ease and supported all of my requests moving through the process.  My son now settles and resettles on his own instead of having to be held for the duration of all sleeps.  Thank you" 

-  Margaret & baby River

"We contacted Nicole to help us with our 5 month old baby girl who was waking up multiple times at night and only having short and rare naps in the day.  We were very impressed by the detailed and comprehensive information she gave us after our consultation, including a precise plan of how to go ahead.  Thanks to Nicole we went and had a second opinion on a possible tongue tie and from there went into some chiropractor sessions, improving both the sleep and feeding patterns.  It took a bit of time because the feeding had to improve first but now our daughter is 7 months old and she has 2-3 naps a day.  And at night she is getting close to sleeping through.  We are very happy and highly recommend Nicole." 

-  Maud & baby Grace